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  A team of language professionals with extensive experience in teaching Spanish and English and in translating texts.

María Fernanda Rodrigues


Degree in Modern Languages with a minor in Education from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. Her training and professional experience in language teaching enabled her to train many students through intensive and interactive courses of Spanish as a foreign language. 

María Eugenia Di Benedetto

spanish teacher and translator italian - spanish

Degree in Literature at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela in 1994, and since then a professor dedicated to the teaching of children, young people and adults in the chairs of Spanish language and Literature, Spanish Language for foreigners and Writing and Style.    

Nanda Santiago

english and spanish teacher AND translator english -spanish

Degree in Modern Languages with a minor in Education from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. She has used the communication method in all levels of language teaching. Nanda loves teaching English because she has a lot of empathy with the Anglo-Saxon culture.



Online Spanish classes

In these classes we work on different aspects of the Spanish language in an interactive and enjoyable way: grammar,  use and conjugation of verb tenses, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension of texts. 

Online English classes

Interactive and entertaining classes with personalized materials and resources that represent daily life situations.



As language professionals we also perform translation of texts on general topics such as health, tourism, history, travel, wellness and literature.   

Some testimonials

María Fernanda
I met María Fernanda when I took a Spanish training course in Vila Nova de Famalicão. She is a very warm teacher, understanding, very kind and methodical in her work. She is always ready to answer a question. She is patient and likes to teach. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. She made the lessons very enjoyable. In my case, I never thought I would come to like Spanish as much as I do now! Throughout the course, we learned all the "tricks" of pronunciation, how to conjugate verbs and their tenses as well as other aspects of grammar. Fernanda always provided a lot of material with texts and exercises. She is an excellent teacher and an amazing human being!
María Eugenia
Miss María Eugenia was an excellent Spanish and Literature teacher while studying in high school. She taught me the passion for the written arts, she taught us to master our language and its different forms, she educated us in the multiple forms of Literature as she made us grow as a person. She is a truly committed, responsible, educated, creative and knowledgeable teacher of our language. I highly recommend her in a blink, without thinking twice.
Journalism student

Nanda was my English teacher for about 3 years. I recommend her a lot! She is from

Venezuela, but she lived for many years in USA and she speaks as a native. I really like

her as a teacher because her classes were very pleasant and she adapted them to my preferences. That is why we did a lot of conversation but she always brought material such as magazine articles, online documentaries, TV shows...always including time for grammar, which is more boring but necessary. She has a lot of

experience teaching. She enjoys being well informed with the current affairs of the world, different cultures and sharing with people. Also she is very

nice and funny!